Vintage Dior Blue Crystal Pin and Earring Set

£ 395.00

Beautiful and striking brooch and earring set from Chritian Dior, and produced for them by Kramer in the USA. It is one of a number of designs created by Dior using elements of semicircles with emerald cut crystals in a range of colours, and circles with clear round rhinestones. This particular version has a pin with five circles in clear crystals, each linked to its neighbours by a semicircle set with deep blue rhinestones. Earrings are formed from a semicircular clip in blue, with a clear crystal circle as a dangle. All pieces rhodium backed.

Brooch is signed 'Christian Dior by Kramer', earrings are signed 'KRAMER' on the clip. From 1950's. Brooch measures 2 1/4" (5.5cms) across at its widest point, each earring measures1 3/8" long (4.5cms). Excellent condition.