Chic Chanel Wearing Celebrities

There is no doubt about it, when celebrities want to look classy yet uber trendy and edgy they reach for their favourite vintage Chanel pieces, the harder to find the better. Celebrities go for the exclusive always!

The chiefest and chicest wearers of vintage Chanel jewellery are almost certainly Beyonce and Rihanna - they wear big, bold and beautiful pieces but mix it with some classy classics too. Then there is Miley Cytus, who completely subverts most pieces she selects by wearing them unconventionally or repeatedly. Lady Gaga too is a subversive, and her creativity knows no bounds!

So what can the stylist-less amateur learn from these icons?

Big and bold seems to be part of the equation. Pieces need to be seen easily and convey an instant message - this is a rare and expensive piece that not just anyone has access to! Earrings are a particular favourite, given the desire by photographers to capture headshots and closeups wherever possible. Both Beyonce and Rihanna have worn the famous Chanel Cage earrings a number of times, as well as the large leather weave hoops with pearls. And Beyonce's large black vintage Chanel globes are real attention-seekers! You can see more details on our website for leather weave earrings and cage earrings.




It is a similar story with necklaces. Rihanna has worn the long quilted chain necklace with the crystal CC pendant, as well as multistrand Chanel pearl necklaces in homage to Coco Chanel but very much 21st century!. In our main picture Rihanna is wearing a large heraldic pendant necklace, teamed with a white tee and backwards baseball hat to create a totally modern vibe. Check out the heraldic necklace here. Beyonce has worn a large round pendant with edged with beading, and in the picture above she is wearing not one but two vintage Chanel long necklaces, the whole ensemble including the casual scarf make her look incredibly glam yet effortless. 


Another message seems to be that creativity is paramount. Miley Cyrus wore the famous vintage Chanel cupid charm bracelet as an anklet. Why not? She also loves her vintage Chanel crystal choker with CC crystal dangle and wears it frequently. And wearing a pair of vintage Chanel No 5 perfume bottle earrings alongside her multiple piercings? Perfect!



Lady Gaga continues to astound with her outfits and changes of look, but she frequently uses vintage Chanel pieces to provide some kind of contrast, as if acknowledging that she may be wild but her knows that vintage Chanel will always link her to a great tradition of style and glamour. In the pictures below she wears a Chanel choker with round pendant as a headband, and uses a lovely vintage Chanel loupe necklace as relief against a thoroughly modern outfit. The contrast works amazingly! 


 And just to show you can wear vintage Chanel to great effect whatever your age, just look at Chris Jenner who knows what makes her look up-to-date, chic and stylish always! Check out her fabulous large earrings here

Many of the pieces here can be found on the website. Why not check it out now and indulge your creativity!


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