Here you can find an archive of vintage Chanel jewellery which you  can browse for information and, hopefully, inspiration! We hope it also helps you to authenticate Chanel pieces you own or may be thinking about buying as it describes the signature plates to look out for. Every piece shown here has been sold through out website and is guaranteed authentic. And if it helps anyone getting expensively ripped off then so much the better!




              Birdcage Earrings Signed                             Red/Green Gripoix Bracelet                    CHANEL on reverse. From 1980's                     Signed plaque !990/91      


                          Bakelite bracelet with cabs                                Chanel faux tortoise earrings     

           Signed on cartouche on inside c1972/80                     Plaque on reverse of clip from 95P


                    Pearl and etched hoop earrings                          Red Heart necklace/belt                  

              Signed on reverse. From Season25                Signed CHANEL on heart, from 1980's            




                                   Green Cross Necklace                            Gumball Cuff. Signed plaque           

                                 Signed plaque. From 94P.                           on inside. From Season 26      


                                    Pearl and Chain necklace                          Crystal  bracelet with CC charms

                                   Signed hangtag From 1990/91                   Signed on one of crystal From 95P




                 Crystal choker with CC charm                         Quilted links necklace                     




              Pink chicklet sautoir with round hangtag                   Chanel heart mirror necklace

                                         From 1981                                          Plaque on reverse of pendant. 95P.